Walls of Encouragement

We’ve created an opportunity for you to be a daily voice of inspiration and presence for our students. To participate, commit to a $2,500 gift to a particular endowment, payable over 5 years, and your name will be listed on that endowment wall in areas where students congregate and study. Our students will feel your presence and know your generosity every single day. Imagine a student passing a Wall of Encouragement before an exam or studying under the watchful “eyes” of their biggest supporters. This powerful message of “we’re here – we’ve got your back,” will help our students find the strength to pursue their dreams.
Available Walls and Endowments: 

Business Endowments  - Gambet Business Wing
The William Dwyer Endowment for Excellence in Undergraduate Business Education
The Hal Dolenga Endowment Fund

Computer Science and Mathematics Endowment – Dooling Computer Lab Second Floor 
The Dr. Julius G. Bede Scholarship Fund 

Natural Science Endowments – Hurd Second Floor Lounge
The Dr. Rodger Berg Endowment for Excellence in Undergraduate Natural Science Education    
Dr. Harry Warren Endowment for Natural Science Equipment. 

Nursing Endowments – Gambet Nursing Wing
The Dr. Caroline Hollshwandner Endowment for Excellence in Undergraduate Nursing Education
The Excellence in Graduate Nursing Education Endowment.

Physician Assistant Endowments – Gambet Physician Assistant Wing
The Excellence in Physician Assistant Studies Education Endowment
The Physician Assistant Allentown Rescue Mission - DeSales University Free Clinic Endowment

For more information or to participate contact: 

Lina Barbieri
Executive Director of Annual Giving
610-282-1100 ext. 1783